• Kill Your TBR Readathon: TBR
    Who would I be if I didn’t participate in the Kill Your TBR Readathon again as I did last year (I used to blog in Dutch last year, so I’m sorry for my English readers :()? This year, Haddwych (thereaderinpink) is organizing a readathon again, yay! In the Kill Your TBR Readathon, you have to… Continue reading Kill Your TBR Readathon: TBR
  • How I Choose My Books Tag
    While I was looking for some fun bookish tags to do, I came across this tag by thebookishunderdog. I thought it was fun to go and answer these questions, so let’s go! Find a book on your bookshelves with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? The people who have… Continue reading How I Choose My Books Tag
  • My favorite romance books
    It’s Valentine’s Day, yay! The perfect day to curl up into the couch with a good romance book! In this blog post I’ll be showing my favorite romance books. The Alice Equation – Davina Stone Aaron needs a fake date fast—and who could be safer than his bookish friend Alice? Soon Alice finds herself dating… Continue reading My favorite romance books
  • My Life in Books Tag
    I found this tag on The Bookish Mutant’s blog and decided it would be fun to do this one. Let’s begin! Find a book for each letter of your name J: Just One Day – Gayle Forman O: Orbiting Jupiter – Gary D. Schmidt Y: You Have a Match – Emma Lord (a highly anticipated… Continue reading My Life in Books Tag
  • – getting rewarded doing the things you love most
    In the beginning of January, I came across the Instagram page of Reading through what they stand for and offer for book lovers, I knew I wanted to participate in this program! What is is an international online platform where you can participate in all kinds of bookish campaigns. is for… Continue reading – getting rewarded doing the things you love most
  • Ariana Grande Positions Book Tag
    As I love Ariana Grande and her Positions album, I decided to do the Positions Book Tag, created by Rachel from Let Me in the Library. The original video can be found here. shut up – a book you couldn’t shut up about The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Did I recommend this to everyone… Continue reading Ariana Grande Positions Book Tag
  • The end of the Year Booktag
    I recently came across the book tag on the Bookmark Your Thoughts blog. This seems like a very nice tag so I decided to do a blogpost on it! This tag is originally created by Ariel. Let’s get into it! Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish? There’s actually… Continue reading The end of the Year Booktag
  • 5 books I want to read before 2020 ends
    As we’re almost entering the last month of 2020, I started to look at my shelves and think: ‘Which of these books do I really want to read before the start of 2021?’ This blog post is based on these thoughts! To Sleep in a Sea of Stars – Christopher Paolini This year, I received… Continue reading 5 books I want to read before 2020 ends
  • Big book unhaul (40+ books)
    Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of books I had on my TBR. I started to think about which books I really really really would read and which I probably won’t ever read. Let me take you along on my unhaul! I devided all the books I unhauled into different categories.… Continue reading Big book unhaul (40+ books)
  • Silence.
    It feels good to write a blogpost again. To write a blogpost again and really want to write a blogpost. As you may or may not have noticed I have been rather quiet on here since July. In this blogpost I will talk about it more and tell you what my plans are for the… Continue reading Silence.
  • Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag 2020
    I recently came across this bookish tag and thought this is a nice idea to reflect on the books I read in the first half of 2020. I used the questions from Scorpio Book Dreams‘ 2018 Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag blogpost. So far I have read 82 (!!!) books in the first half of… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag 2020
  • The author A-Z tag
    Today I’m going to do a bookish tag! The tag is called ‘The Author A-Z tag’. I saw this in a video from Jen Campbell. This is how it goes: Go through your shelves and pick out an author for each letter of the alphabet. Tell us a bit about one book by this author.… Continue reading The author A-Z tag
  • Pros and cons of the Goodreads reading challenge
    The Goodreads reading challenge.. A lot of people participate in it (like me), but I’ve also seen quite a lot of people who refuse to participate in it. I understand both groups of people. In this blogpost I will list the pros and cons of the Goodreads reading challenge (for me). A big pro for… Continue reading Pros and cons of the Goodreads reading challenge
  • My favorite book covers
    In this post I will be talking about my favorite book covers! Let me start with my all time favorite book covers and that are the covers of The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes and Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano. They’re both kind of in the same style. They both have these stars on… Continue reading My favorite book covers
  • Must read classics
    This is a guest post by aanchalarora96. We all have one favorite genre and we often get confused while picking a book from that.  Today I will be discussing the most loved classic reads which are or maybe will become the crown of your bookshelf. So, let’s start with my current read which is 1.… Continue reading Must read classics
  • The cozy readathon + #28birthdayreadathon
    Van 27 april tot en met 11 mei organiseren thereaderinpink en alissasbooktopia een ‘Cozy Readathon’. Tegelijkertijd organiseert lindsay.leest in de hele maand mei een readathon ter gelegenheid van haar verjaardag! Ik doe heel graag mee aan beide readathons, de prompts zien er alvast heel leuk uit! In deze blogpost toon ik jullie welke boeken ik… Continue reading The cozy readathon + #28birthdayreadathon
  • Wat wil ik lezen de komende tijd?
    Na mijn verjaardag op 12 april, heb ik weer heel wat boeken bijgekregen bij de enorme TBR stapel die ik al had liggen. Ik ben dus helemaal klaar om erin te vliegen en zoveel mogelijk boeken uit te lezen, zodat mijn TBR nog verder inkrimpt! Momenteel lees ik Little Women van Louisa May Alcott voor… Continue reading Wat wil ik lezen de komende tijd?
  • Kill your TBR readathon: wrap up
    Van 30 maart tot 13 april deed ik mee aan de “Kill your TBR” readathon van thereaderinpink. In deze blog post vertel ik jullie hoeveel prompts ik heb kunnen volbrengen en wat ik van deze boeken vond. Mijn TBR zag er als volgt uit: Van de 8 boeken die ik gepland had te lezen, heb… Continue reading Kill your TBR readathon: wrap up
  • TBR cart: make-over
    Op mijn TBR cart staan nu momenteel 40 boeken en hij staat letterlijk vol. Op mijn bed liggen dan ook nog 8 boeken die niet meer op de cart passen (en die ik als volgende wil lezen). Het wordt dus hoog tijd dat ik mijn cart eens onder handen neem. Ik ga proberen om mijn… Continue reading TBR cart: make-over
  • Kill Your TBR Readathon
    Toen ik las dat thereaderinpink een “Kill Your TBR Readathon” zou organiseren, wist ik onmiddellijk dat ik hieraan zou mee moeten doen. Mijn TBR-stapel is verschrikkelijk groot en het wordt groot tijd dat ik al die pareltjes eens ga lezen. De readathon loopt van 30 maart tot 13 april. Het is de bedoeling om zoveel… Continue reading Kill Your TBR Readathon