Book tour review: A Thousand Goodbyes – Ruth Graham

A Thousand Goodbyes is a book with a subject I had never read before. Maybe this is why it intrigued me like it did. In this blog post, you'll find out what I thought of the book. What is A Thousand Goodbyes about? Author: Ruth Graham Release date: May 10th, 2021. Links: Amazon UK |… Continue reading Book tour review: A Thousand Goodbyes – Ruth Graham

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The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

I was so excited to be tagged in this book + music tag by Ritz @ Living Loving and Reading, thank you so much Ritz! Rules: Link back to the creator, i.e, Swift Walker @Just DreamlandLink back to the person who tagged you!Answer all the prompts.If you use the original graphics, credit the creator (i.e., Swift Walker)Tag at least 5 bloggers and provide… Continue reading The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

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Introducing: ohsrslybookmarks (and notepads!)

Today we're in for a different type of post! One might call it promotion, maybe? It has been a dream of mine to make my own bookmarks and notepads for quite a while, but I never really got around to taking it seriously. I never saw it as a possible plan, so I never tried.… Continue reading Introducing: ohsrslybookmarks (and notepads!)

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Review: Everything After – Jill Santopolo

Having never read a Jill Santopolo book before, I was really excited to be gifted an e-copy of Everything After by Penguin Random House. I was really excited to dive into this one! In this blog post you'll find out what I thought of it. What is Everything After about? Author: Jill Santopolo Release date:… Continue reading Review: Everything After – Jill Santopolo