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Cover reveal: Nights in the Snow Garden – Lotté Jean

Hi everyone! After a long break I’m back with an exciting blog post.

After having loved Letters to Jupiter by Lotté Jean, she is now publishing a new poetry book: Nights in the Snow Garden. Lotté Jean reached out to me asking whether I wanted to do a cover reveal for Nights in the Snow Garden on my blog and I feel so so honored! The cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Nights In The Snow Garden weaves through a nameless narrator’s tale of heartbreak and messages of encouragement as they sit in a garden of night where flowers bloom even in the coldest of seasons, looking to nature to help heal a wounded heart. Inspired by the aesthetic of flowers, art, literature, and the beauty of changing seasons, we examine broken love, life purpose, self-appreciation, and future hope through notes of a lost mind coming to terms with their pain in this garden of hope. That acts as a reference to let yourself bloom in your own time, no matter the season. Let yourself become a garden and watch your soul grow alongside nature.

The book is set to release on November 30th, 2021 and I’m so excited to read it when it releases! The cover is so simplistic, yet I do think it carries out the message the poems will tell.

What do you think of this cover and are you excited to read the book?

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