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Books I read in one sitting

I love it when I get the chance to just sit down and read a book in one sitting. This mostly means that I’m very invested in the book and that it has a fairly fast pacing!

  • Confess – Colleen Hoover

This was the second Colleen Hoover book I ever read and at the end of every chapter I just wanted to read more. That’s how I managed to finish this book in one sitting, as the story kept me captivated.

  • Heartstopper – Alice Oseman

As the format of the Heartstopper books is a graphic novel format, these books read fairly quick. I read Heartstopper 1 during my exams and accidentally ended up reading it in one sitting (while I needed to study, oop).

  • A Thousand Pieces of You – Claudia Gray

I never thought this book would captivate me as it did, but I flew through this book! It has a very interesting storyline, that kept me turning page after page.

  • Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon

This was the first book I can remember that I read in one sitting. Not every page is fully filled, which made sure that I flew through the pages! I also liked the concept of the book, so I finished it in one sitting on a sunny summer day.

  • Long Way Down – Jason Reynolds

As this book is written in verse, I managed to read it quickly. The whole concept of this book is fairly mysterious, so I always thought: what now??? I flew through this book and really loved the story!

  • Layoverland – Gabby Noone

This story sounded sooo much like the concept of The Good Place, one of my favorite tv series. Naturaly, I devoured this story and loved it!

Which books have you read in one sitting? Have you read any of the books I mentioned in this blog post?

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6 thoughts on “Books I read in one sitting

  1. The only books on this list that I’ve read on this list are the Heartstopper Graphic Novels – but I did read those in one sitting as well. They’re just so cute and fluffy you can’t put them down! 😊 Though I do also read books in one sitting quite often 😁

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  2. Ahh you know a book is good when you read it in one sitting!!
    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned but they’re on my tbr! I remember seeing Colleen Hoover everywhere when I first joined the bookish community back in 2014 so I definitely want to try one of her books. Heartstopper I also see everywhere so I just bought it and can’t wait to give it a go – I’ve never read a graphic novel before though so it will be interesting to see how I find it!
    Layoverland also sounds right up my alley and it’s been on my tbr for ages – The Good Place was an amazing show so I can’t wait to read this one!

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    1. I hope you’ll enjoy the Heartstopper series! It always warms my heart 💖
      I had also been hearing about Colleen Hoover for a long time before I first read one of her books and I immediately was HOOKED on her books!!
      Layoverland was a really lovely book to read in my opinion, so I hope you’ll enjoy it once you read it 🤩


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