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Review: How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed – Megan Devine

I think grief is a really interesting topic to read about. I love reading about it in fiction, as well as in non fiction. This journal was really interesting to read!

What is How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed about?

Author: Megan Devine

Release Date: May 18th, 2021

Pages: 216

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

An illustrated journal for meeting grief with honesty and kindness—honoring loss, rather than packing it away

With her breakout book It’s OK That You’re Not OK, Megan Devine struck a chord with thousands of readers through her honest, validating approach to grief. In her same direct, no-platitudes style, she now offers How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed—a journal filled with unique, creative ways to open a dialogue with grief itself. “Being allowed to tell the truth about your grief is an incredibly powerful act,” she says. “This journal enables you to tell your whole story, without the need to tack on a happy ending where there isn’t one.”

Grief is a natural response to death and loss—it’s not an illness to be cured or a problem to be fixed. This workbook contains no clichés, timetables, or checklists of stages to get through; it won’t help you “move past” or put your loss behind you. Instead, you’ll find encouragement, self-care exercises, and daily tools, including:

• Writing prompts to help you honor your pain and heartbreak
• On-the-spot practices for tough situations—like grocery store trips, the sleepless nights, and being the “awkward guest”
• The art of healthy distraction and self-care
• What you can do when you worry that “moving on” means “letting go of love”
• Practical advice for fielding the dreaded “How are you doing?” question
• What it means to find meaning in your loss
• How to hold joy and grief at the same time
• Tear-and-share resources to help you educate friends and allies
• The “Griever’s Bill of Rights,” and much more

Your grief, like your love, belongs to you. No one has the right to dictate, judge, or dismiss what is yours to live. How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed is a journal and everyday companion to help you enter a conversation with your grief, find your own truth, and live into the life you didn’t ask for—but is here nonetheless.

What did I think of How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed?

This journal is absolutely so so good. Throughout reading it, I thought: “Oh, I really want to gift this book to x and y”.

Devine handles grief so well and gives a clear and supporting explanation on what you can do to cope with grief. You have to live with grief, not overcome it.

This book/journal has such a powerful message and I’ll be sure to buy it for myself and some friends who have had to face with grief once it publishes!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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