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Book haul: March and April 2021

When I took the picture for my March + April book haul post…. I felt instant embarrassment at the huge pile. On April 12th, I celebrated my 20th birthday and I got a ton of books for that occasion, so I’d like to blame my huge book haul on that, haha.

Books I bought

Books I was gifted

ARCs I received

This truly was a huge book haul, omg. Do you see any books you’ve read already or books you have yet to read? Let me know!

In other news!

I just opened my very own Etsy shop. I’m really excited to start this journey! I would love it if you check it out. Next week, there will be the launch of 3 more products (2 notepad designs and 1 more bookmark design). I hope you’ll like it!☺

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5 thoughts on “Book haul: March and April 2021

  1. Happy birthday! 🥳 What an interesting stack of books! I only read Transcendent Kingdom and The Midnight Library, and I loved both of them 😁 Happy reading, looking forward to reading your thoughts on the books!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve also read The Midnight Library (I just wanted different editions, oop 🙈) and I really loved it 🥰 I’m so excited to dive into Transcendent Kingdom soon!

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