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The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

I was so excited to be tagged in this book + music tag by Ritz @ Living Loving and Reading, thank you so much Ritz!


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  • Answer all the prompts.
  • If you use the original graphics, credit the creator (i.e., Swift Walker)
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  • Name your Zodiac sign!!!!?
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My zodiac sign: I’m an Aries, as my birthday is in April!

Let’s get into it! I’m really excited

Book prompts

Aries: A wild and compelling book- from start to finish. Every page intoxicated your mind and heart with incredible imagery.

I’d say Uncoupling by Lorraine Brown for this one! I flew through this book and couldn’t stop reading. There’s amazing descriptions of Paris, which really made me dream away. I was also really excited to see the main character Hannah develop!

You can find my review of Uncoupling here.

Taurus: A heart-wrenching story of a forbidden love which could tear the family apart.

In my opinion, Love and Other Moods by Crystal Z. Lee kind of contains a forbidden love? In the way that one of the characters’ parents don’t approve of his relationship because the woman he’s in a relationship with is from Japan, which brings bad memories to the man’s parents. This book really showed cultural tensions, and it was really interesting.

You can find my review of Love and Other Moods here.

Gemini: A book that is cheeky, quippy and witty.

The Alice Equation by Davina Stone is definitely cheeky, quippy and witty! Both the main characters, Aaron and Alice, are stubborn, but can give in at the right moments. They are both funny too, but can also be cheeky towards each other.

You can find my review of The Alice Equation here.

Cancer: A bittersweet book that spoke to your sensitive heart.

I’d say The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros really spoke to my sensitive heart. I cried too much tears reading this book and it left me thinking about it for a long time after I read it. This makes me think that I’d like to reread this one sometime.

Leo: A book with drama, love, fancy wear and hope.

The Spanish Love Deception was such a wild ride. It contains quite some drama, a lot of love, fancy wear and of course hope! I really LOVED reading this one. It was such a gem.

You can find my review of The Spanish Love Deception here.

Virgo: A tender story about self-love, self-discovery, perseverance, friendship, romance and family.

I’m not sure if I would call The Two Lives of Lydia Bird a tender story, I’d go for a heartbreaking story. But it does contain self-love, self-discovery, perseverance, friendship, romane and family. I love these aspects in a book and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird really has it all. My heart broke several times reading this book.

You can find my review for The Two Lives of Lydia Bird here.

Libra: A book that has a remarkably frank look at life. One of the realest books you have ever read.

I think I’ll go for The Midnight Library by Matt Haig for this one? This book was really honest about life and the ups and downs of it. It really opened my eyes and made me reflect upon my own life and the story has stayed with me ever since.

You can find my review for The Midnight Library here.

Scorpio: A book with a good plot twist. A book that is psychologically thrilling and emotionally chilling. Haunted you from the first page to the last.

I don’t read a lot of mystery/thriller books, so I think A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder comes closest to a psychologically thrilling and emotionally chilling book I’ve read. I didn’t expect the plot twists this book contained and I really loved reading it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time while reading this book.

Sagittarius: An adventurous, summer-y read.

Just One Day by Gayle Forman is adventurous in the way of the main character Lulu spending one amazing day in Paris with Willem, and then not finding him anymore in the morning.

Capricorn: A book that has everything to do with friendship.

The graphic novel My Last Summer with Cass revolves around two friends: Megan and Cass. I really enjoyed reading this color- and meaningful graphic novel.

You can find my review for My Last Summer with Cass here.

Aquarius: A quirky and unique book.

I think Anxious People by Fredrik Backman was a really unique book. I must say I had expected the book to be completely different than it was? I don’t know what I was thinking. But I really ended up loving the unique concept of this story!

Pisces: A book that bewitched and enchanted you by its lyrical words, and transmuted your imaginative brain.

November 9 was the first Colleen Hoover book I ever read and it really enchanted me. I was so hooked on Hoover‘s writing! I really loved this book.

You can find my review for November 9 here.

Music prompts

Aries: The song that got your blood pumping and heart beating fast.

Taurus: A song to celebrate your love when in commitment.

Gemini: A song to listen when you get tongue-tied and miscommunicate your feelings.

Cancer: A song that motivated you to take a chance and open up to love.

Leo: A song that shows affection.

Virgo: A song with a sentiment that made you feel beautiful inside and out.

Libra: A song that shows a person madly in love.

Scorpio: A song which is unapologetically pledging their undying love for their crush.

Sagittarius: An exciting spontaneous song.

Capricorn: A song that promotes self-love.

Aquarius: A song that has more to do with being in a friendship than a relationship.

Pisces: A song about unconditional love

I loved doing this tag and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

I tag:

Hadewych @ The Reader in Pink

Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

Emily @ Frappes and Fiction

Birdie @ Birdie’s booktopia


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12 thoughts on “The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! It’s funny because though I don’t believed in zodiac signs, I am a Scorpio, I love psychological thrillers, plot twists are my absolute favorite things in books and AGGGTM is one of the best books I read in 2020😂
    I’ll try to get around to this one soon

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