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Discussion post: physical books or ebooks?

Hello and welcome to my first-ever discussion post on my blog! I’m fairly new to this, so I hope you’ll be liking this post! Today, I will be discussing my personal opinion about whether to read physical books, ebooks or, just both!

Physical books

No better experience than being able to hold a precious book in your hands, smell the pages, see your progress in the book just like that,… Personally, I am a mood reader, both in which books I read and in which formats I read. There are times when I absolutely adore reading physical books and it’s the only thing I want to do, and there are times when I don’t.

I’m also a big fan of annotating my books. I didn’t use to do this before, but I’ve slowly fallen in love with it and I don’t think I could read a physical book anymore and NOT annotate it? I’ve even begun to highlight certain quotes in books, which is always a dangerous thing. If I don’t like a book, I mostly sell it, but this gets harder when I annotate it. However, I wouldn’t stop doing it for anything.

There are also just certain formats that are easier to read on paper than on your e-reader. For this, I’d like to refer to the formatting in Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman. I tried reading this book on my e-reader in 2019, but I just couldn’t get through. I don’t think the format of this book was suitable on an e-reader, for me at least. I’ve now bought a physical copy and I’m already much more motivated to dive into it than I was when I had it on my e-reader.

Reading physical books just gives a whole other, immersive experience that ebooks just won’t be able to give, in my opinion. They also get your eyes away from any electronics, so you’re just present in the moment. Let’s also talk about an important matter: physical books don’t require a charger. They can’t tell you: Battery low. Stop reading.

I don’t think there are really any cons about physical books, except for the fact that they’re not always handy to travel with. I always have the fear that I will damage my book by putting it into my stuffed bag. I did buy a book sleeve for this problem, but there’s always a part of me thinking: help, what if I accidentally fold the corners of my book?

(Okay and to add one extra little disadvantage, some books just really weigh a lot and make my arms tired of holding them while reading (that’s just a detail though)).


As I frequently read e-arcs, I also frequently use my e-reader. I must say that since I have my Kindle Paperwhite, I have absolutely fallen in love with reading on my e-reader. I stated it as an advantage of physical books that you literally get to see how far you are in a book, but at times it can also discourage me seeing that I still have a lot of pages to go? A weird little error in my brains. While reading ebooks, you do see how far you are in the book by the percentage, but it doesn’t stress me out the way ‘pages’ sometimes do. I think this argument makes sense if I give a little more context: some physical books have pages that consist of a lot of words in a small font. When I’m reading those books physically, I quickly become discouraged because every page seems to take ages for me to read. So when I read those same books on my e-reader, I can make the font larger, so it doesn’t seem to take me that long to finish a single page.

I also love the fact that I can buy and download ebooks in just a matter of seconds. When carrying my e-reader with me, I know that I have several books to choose from. Ebooks can also be less expensive than physical books. I actually only tend to buy ebooks when they’re <€5. If they cost more than €5, I’d rather spend the money on a physical copy, if that makes sense?

To come back to the disadvantage of physical books I mentioned earlier, an e-reader is so light to carry with me. It doesn’t weigh a lot, and it’s not heavy to hold. It doesn’t tire my arms after 10 minutes of reading, and I love that. I love that because of its weight it is so easy to take my e-reader and a world of stories with me anywhere I go so I can read anywhere and whenever I want.

To come to my last argument supporting e-readers: I love reading at night. I do it too much, yes. Will I ever stop reading at holy hours? Probably not. I always feel guilty when I’m reading a physical book at 1 am with the lights in my room still on, but somehow I don’t feel guilty when I’m still reading on my e-reader at 2 am? Weird logic going on in my head, but these are facts I’m stating.

Now: do I prefer physical books or ebooks?

Maybe this is the question you wanted to see answered in this post. The reason why you opened this post. But I don’t think I will really answer this one. As I mentioned before, I’m a real mood reader. At times, I devour physical books, and other times, I devour ebooks. I think that I read more ebooks a month than I read physical books, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I prefer ebooks over physical books. For me, they can stand in the same spot on the winner’s stairs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Certainly let me know if you did. I’d love some feedback!😊

Do you personally prefer physical books or ebooks? Or do they also share the same spot in your ranking?

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16 thoughts on “Discussion post: physical books or ebooks?

  1. I prefer e-books when travelling just because they take up less space in my bags but in general I love both equally!

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  2. Great post!! I think if I could only ever have one or the other that I’d opt for the physical copy. However, I absolutely LOVE my kindle. Side note ~ if you have the option, I’d recommend listening to the audiobook of Illuminae while reading the physical copy. It is absolutely fantastic (sound affects and all!)!!


  3. I loved this discussion post!
    If you were to ask me two years ago, what format I preferred, I would have definitely say physical books. However, nowadays, my reading consists of mostly ebooks (and audiobooks too!). Personally, I get the same benefits from reading a story physically or as an ebook, but I prefer ebooks because I can annotate how much I want (which I wouldn’t be able to do on a physical copy since I’m one of those people who like to keep their books looking completely new 😅). Also, like you said, ebooks tend to be cheaper and I feel like I read faster in this format (I make the font bigger like you do so I probably read at the same pace but that’s besides the point 😂). Regardless, I think both formats have their advantages and actually one of my goals this year is to read the physical books I have bought a long time ago since they’ve been abandoned ever since I really got into ebooks 😅

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  4. I love both ebooks and physical books, but if I have to choose one I guess I will choose ebooks. The only con regarding physical books that I face is some of them are just too costly whereas their e-copies are much much cheaper.

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    1. Yes that’s true! But then sometimes I have the problem that an ebook I read was SO good that I want the physical version for on my shelves 🤣


  5. Aaah lovely discussion post! I always can’t quite answer this question, but I do have to admit that I tend to like physical books the most. Except when I’m too exhausted lol! Plus I just like to own the books I love? So when I love an ebook I just buy it physically either way hahah!!

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  6. I can totally get why you can’t really choose between ebooks and physical books. Same is the case with me, except it is audiobooks and physical ones for me 😂. It totally depends on my mood as much as I love physical books!

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