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Oh S(e)r(iou)sly Read Those ARCs!: readathon announcement

As I still have a shit ton of ARCs to read, I thought that it would be a lovely idea to organize a readathon to finish these ARCs! I love the idea of sharing progress with fellow readers, and this is an amazing opportunity to do so!

The readathon

The Oh Srsly Read Those ARCs! readathon runs from the 1st of April until the 30th of April. As you can conclude from the title, this readathon is especially meant to get those ARCs from your TBR! Even though I will focus mainly on ARCs in this readathon, it is also perfectly fine if you enter with other books. You can read books that have been laying around on your physical shelves, on your ARC shelves,… The most important part is that you have fun!

There’s absolutely no pressure to finish all 10 prompts! You just read whenever and whatever you can, the purpose of this readathon is just to get your ARC list (or physical books list) down.

The image showing the prompts is also a template you can use on Instagram or on your blog to let everyone know which books you will be reading! I will also make a group chat on Instagram, in which we can all talk to each other about our progress and the books we’ve read. Just let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you’d like to be in the chat! It’s no obligation though.

If you would like to post something on Instagram about the readathon, you can use the hashtag #ohsrlyReadThoseARCs so I can see all your posts! If you post a blog post with for example your TBR, I would love it if you tagged me in it so I don’t miss out on your blog post 😊

I also posted the readathon prompts on The Storygraph. You can join the challenge on The Storygraph here!

Without further ado, here are the prompts:


Read a romance book

The House Swap – Jo Lovett

I loved Lovett’s first book The First Time We Met, so when I saw Jo is publishing a second book, I immediately requested it on NetGalley. The synopsis of this book sounds so so so good, so I’m really excited to see how I’ll like this book!

Read a book with a gorgeous cover

Everything After – Jill Santopolo

I got the honor of receiving an e-arc by Penguin Random House of Everything After by Jill Santopolo. I’ve been excited for this book for so so long, so I’m really excited to dive into it.

Read a book written by an author you haven’t read a book of before

Yes & I Love You – Roni Loren

I just found out Roni Loren has a lot of books, but I haven’t read any of them yet! I’m really excited to see what I think of Yes & I Love You.

Read a book with a red cover

The Beautiful Fall – Hugh Breakey

Easy to say that the beautiful cover and the beautiful synopsis of this book drove me to requesting this one. The synopsis of this book reminds me of Every Day by David Levithan, which I thought was a very special book. I hope I’ll also like The Beautiful Fall.

Read a book that’s been on your (ARC) shelf the longest

The Lending Library – Aliza Fogelson

I’m ashamed to admit that this book has been on my NetGalley shelf since July 2020. It’s about time I finally read and review The Lending Library, because I’m really excited for it!

Read a book with a yellow cover

Plot Twist – Bethany Turner

The synopsis of this book sounds so good? I hope the story itself will be just as amazing as I expect it to be! Yellow is my favorite color, so I definitely love this cover.

Read a book in a genre you don’t read a lot

More Than a Body – Lindsay & Lexie Kite

It’s not that I never read non fiction books, but in my opinion I don’t read them often enough, even though I love the genre. So I’m really excited to dive into More Than a Body by Lindsay & Lexie Kite.

Read a book with a title that starts with a ‘T’

The Truth and Other Hidden Things – Lea Geller

The Truth and Other Hidden Things is about a woman who starts blogging. Safe to say that was the push factor for me to request this book!

Read a mystery book

You and Me – Nicola Rayner

I don’t read a lot of mystery books, but You and Me somehow really intrigued me. This one has been on my NetGalley shelf for 6 months though, so I should really get to it.

Read an ARC you once started but haven’t finished yet

Accidentally in Love – Belinda Missen

Am I the only one starting books, then never continuing them again and forgetting about them? I sometimes think I am. I already read 42% of Accidentally in Love, so I expect to finish this book fairly quickly once I set my mind to it!

I hope you’ll be able to join the readathon if you’d like to! I’m already very excited to notch down my (ARC) TBR, I hope you are too! 😊

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14 thoughts on “Oh S(e)r(iou)sly Read Those ARCs!: readathon announcement

  1. This readathon is such a great idea! I’m going to try to participate because I realy do need to catch up with my ARCS 😅

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all of these books!!! I hope you really enjoy them! I also have a huge pile of unread ARCs on my Kindle, I am definitely participating in this readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

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