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First book blog anniversary | Looking back on one year of blogging (ft. a surprise!)

A year ago today, on the 14th of March 2020, I decided to start my very own book blog. I can’t believe it’s already been a year of me blogging! In this post I will reflect upon the past year of blogging, and stay tuned for a little surprise, maybe 😉

Why did I start blogging?

A year ago, Belgium (and nearly the whole world) locked up. My university closed doors, the stores closed their doors, and so on. From one day to the other, I was left with my school books and my laptop to spend my school time on. I had a fairly relaxed semester (compared to the semester I have now at least) and I threw myself into reading. I suddenly had so much time on my hands to fill. Not surprisingly, I finished a dazzling 17 books in March 2020. After reading so many books and having a lot of opinions on them, I decided I wanted to have my own platform on which I could share that opinion. That’s how my blog – this blog – was born!

What has changed since a year ago?

The biggest change in my blogging is that I switched from blogging full time in Dutch, to blogging full time in English. When I first started my blog, I was pretty insecure on my English reviews. I felt like I couldn’t really express my opinion in English, so I was scared to do so. I blogged in Dutch for 2 months and then I switched over to blogging in English. Although the Dutch blogging community is also very lovely, I’m really really happy to have switched over to blogging in English. I can reach so much more people with my reviews and recommendations, and I love that.

Another big difference I notice, is that I now have a consistent blogging schedule. When I first started out, I just posted a blog post whenever I felt like posting one. Sometimes I published 4 blog posts a month, sometimes 8, it was pretty volatile. Now, I have a pretty organized blogging schedule, I post around 3 times a week and (I’m proud of this, I really am) my blogging schedule is full until the end of May. I can’t believe I have so much reviews and random posts written, that my schedule is full until May already. At times, I even think it’s awkward to write a blog post and then only be able to schedule it in May? But on the other hand, it really takes off some pressure for me, I always have a blog post ready so when I’m not feeling the blogging vibe some time, I don’t have to worry. I just want to make clear that it is not necessary at all to have a blogging schedule. You do you! Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself, blogging should be fun. I recently read a really interesting post regarding blogging schedules, you can read it here.

Since I have my blog, I’ve also been reading more Advanced Reader Copies and I’ve also been receiving more review requests. I think this is really lovely, it really makes me feel appreciated and as if I really contribute something to the community.

Last but not least, at the beginning of the year, I finally bought my own domain name and changed from to I’m really proud of this, as I had been wanting to do it for a long time already.

Blogging stats after a year

This is the part of the blog post which I’m most scared (?) of. Statistics are something very personal and really depend from blogger to blogger, but I love to be transparent and give you a little look into my statistics. Please don’t compare yourself to my statistics. Whether you have more or less followers or visitors a month, we’re all equally important in this community in my opinion, and you’re all really valued 💕

I have a total of 93 followers, whom I appreciate a lot. Thank you for being part of my little community.

These are my monthly views. I think it is important to mention that I’ve started using Book Twitter, Pinterest,… since 2021, hence the sudden big leap in views. I’ve also started engaging more with the amazing blog community, which also really boosts your views (let me mention that I LOVE reading everyone’s blog posts, I don’t read them to receive views). When I first started my blog, I didn’t promote it on other media, which I do now.

Here are my overall statistics. I’m surprised to see that my best views ever wasn’t that long ago yet, on the 10th of March!

These are my top 5 blog posts from the last year:

  1. 2020: the year in which my reading peaked
  2. How I Choose My Books Tag
  3. Kill Your TBR Readathon: TBR
  4. Recensie: Je kunt geen kant op – Astrid Sercu (NL)
  5. Looking back on my March 2020 book haul


I think I can say that I’ve become more confident in writing my blog posts and making my bookish pictures. I think a big part of this confidence can be ascribed to you, my amazing followers. Your likes, comments, shares really make my day every day, I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks to Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Booksblog post, I also decided to make a Ko-fi account. I remember really having to save up to buy my own domain name at the beginning of the year, so Ko-fi sounded like a really lovely platform for support. If you feel like supporting me, all help is welcome, but of course I don’t expect anything from anyone! (I like to go on Ko-fi hunt from time to time on book bloggers’ blogs, so if you have a Ko-fi account, be sure to let me know!).

I also love to look back to how my Instagram feed used to look and how it looks now. I think I’ve made progress in this field, and I’m proud of it. I’m also in the middle of starting a new feed, so stay tuned!

A little feedback

After a year, I’m pretty confident in my blogging, but that doesn’t mean there’s no space left for improvement! I’ve made a Google form with some questions regarding my blog on it. I would love it if you’d be able to take the time to fill it in, so I can look at the feedback from my readers. The survey takes about 3 minutes. You can find it here. Thank you!


Perhaps, here’s what you’ve been waiting for this entire post! If you read my whole post, thank you! If you sneakily skipped everything to get to the surprise, that’s also fine! Everyone loves surpises, don’t they?

As a THANK YOU for all the support and love I receive on here and on Instagram daily, I’m giving away a copy of one of my favorite books from 2020 to two people. There will be one winner on my blog and one winner on my Instagram. You can enter the blog giveaway here. The giveaway closes March 21st, 2021 at 23:59pm.

Here are the books you can choose from:

If you want an extra chance of winning, you can also enter my giveaway on Instagram!

Winner announcement

Congratulations to Julie @ One Book More! You won the giveaway! I will contact you by email so you can claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thank you so much again for all your support! I’m very excited to see what the next 365 days have in store for me!

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23 thoughts on “First book blog anniversary | Looking back on one year of blogging (ft. a surprise!)

  1. ahh congratulations on one year!! i haven’t been following you for very long now, but i always love reading your posts!! i just filled in your google form too, and i can’t wait to stick with you, and celebrate more milestones with you in the future!! 💖💖

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  2. Congratulations On 1 year of anniversary! I have entered on the blog giveaway but forget to add the flower emoji ig😂♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy one year anniversary!! It’s great to see new bloggers and wow I’m glad you switched to Dutch and it certainly seems like a brave decision. Thank you so much for including my post 🥰

    Almost omg The Midnight Library is one of my favorite books too 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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