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Review: Uncoupling – Lorraine Brown

I recently came across Uncoupling on Twisted In Pages‘s blog. I read her review on Uncoupling and it immediately reminded me a bit of one of my favorite books: Just One Day by Gayle Forman. Did I instantly buy it? Maybe. You can find my thoughts on the book in this blog post!

What is Uncoupling about?

Author: Lorraine Brown

Release Date: February 18th, 2021

Pages: 336

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Could one split second change her life forever?

Hannah and Si are in love and on the same track – that is, until their train divides on the way to a wedding. The next morning, Hannah wakes up in Paris and realises that her boyfriend (and her ticket) are 300 miles away in Amsterdam!

But then Hannah meets Léo on the station platform, and he’s everything Si isn’t. Spending the day with him in Paris forces Hannah to question how well she really knows herself – and whether, sometimes, you need to go in the wrong direction to find everything you’ve been looking for…

What did I think of Uncoupling?

It is nearly 1am as I finish this amazing book. I told myself to go to sleep early, but who needs sleep when you’re reading a captivating story? (Spoiler alert: not me apparently)

This story was everything I imagined to be AND so much more! In a way I expected this story to be all romance and insta-love, but that’s just not right.

Our main character, Hannah, goes through such a big character development. From thinking she is only enough when she has a successful job (she’s unhappy in) and a boyfriend she settled in with to realizing she is enough all by herself. I love that Léo played such a big role in this development, even though he never pushed Hannah to think or do anything. Let’s not forget about our other main character, Léo. He is a very likeable character, in my opinion. He is calm, kind, adventurous, and is always able to reassure Hannah.

I love the detailed description of the beautiful city that is Paris. How lovely to be able to cruise through Paris on a motorbike. It really brought the story to life. Reading about Hannah’s passion for photography was also very lovely to read. Once she starts talking about photography, she can’t seem to stop because she just loves it so much, meanwhile Léo is super supportive of it.

There’s some mystery and uncertainty about Hannah’s boyfriend, Simon, and I really thought I had it figured out early on. Lorraine Brown is so so so good in putting people on the wrong track. I was sooo sure I had it figured out. But boy, was I wrong! I love that the story wasn’t as predictable as I thought it was, in a way? I was really surprised regarding the storyline with Simon.

Learning more about the divorce of Hannah’s parents and the scars it left on her life was really touching to read. I think all people with divorced parents can agree that the divorcement is a major event in your life as a child, and Brown is so good at describing this situation. Hannah’s fear of being alone is linked very thoroughly with her father leaving her at an early age.

This story was so well put together and the pieces just all fit. Uncoupling took me on a journey to Paris, but also on an emotional journey of people trying to find themselves again.

I made a little moodboard of this book:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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