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Kill Your TBR Readathon: TBR

Who would I be if I didn’t participate in the Kill Your TBR Readathon again as I did last year (I used to blog in Dutch last year, so I’m sorry for my English readers :()? This year, Haddwych (thereaderinpink) is organizing a readathon again, yay!

In the Kill Your TBR Readathon, you have to complete the prompts reading physical books only! This way, you can make your physical TBR pile a bit smaller. I love the idea, as I still have too much physical books laying around that I haven’t read yet!

this looks so daunting… 😂

These are the promps and the books I will be reading for them:

1. Read a book with a letter of your name in the title

As this book title has 2 of the 3 letters of my name (Joy) in it, I thought this would be the perfect book! As I really loved Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, I’m really excited to dive into this one.

2. Read the shortest book

It took me quite a while to find out which book on my physical TBR has the least pages, but it is Kill Joy by Holly Jackson. I’m really excited to read this prequel. It has 124 pages.

3. Read the highest rated book

A sequel I’m very excited about reading! This book has a Goodreads rating of 4.49 stars, which is the highest number of all the books on my TBR!

4. Read a book that you’ve bought in 2020

It is such a shame that I still haven’t read this book that nearly every bibliophile has read already! In 2020, I found the hardcover set of this series second hand, so I had to get my hands on them!

5. Read a book with one of your favorite colors in the cover

Sharing a first place with yellow, blue is my favorite color! I’m really excited to dive into this book, it gives me Just One Day vibes, so I hope I’ll be enjoying Uncoupling just as much as I enjoyed Just One Day.

6. Read a book that reminds you of your own life

This prompt was a hard one to think of a book. But as I love reading astrology from time to time myself, I thought this book would be a great fit.

7. Let your friends choose a book

My friends choose Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! This will be my first Austen book and I’m really excited to see what I think of it.

8. Read a book that you’ve bought in a bookstore

Unfinished is the most recent book I bought in a bookstore! I have always loved Priyanka’s acting and what she stands for, so I’m really excited to dive into her autobiography!

9. Read a book that suits the weather

I decided to be extra creative for this one. Illuminae is a book set on a planet. I don’t know what the weather is on this planet, I really don’t. Just like I don’t completely know what the weather is now in Belgium? One week it is -12 degrees and the next week it is 18 degrees? I’m genuinely confused.

10. Read a book that envolves your favorite trope

My favorite trope? Definitely fake dating. But as I don’t have a book with this trope laying around on my physical TBR, I decided to reread a book for this prompt. As I have read The Spanish Love Deception on my Kindle before, I will reread my physical copy now!

I’m really excited to take part in this readathon again! At the end of March, I will keep you all posted on the amount of prompts I have finished reading.

Do you want to participate in this readathon? Let me know!

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