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In the beginning of January, I came across the Instagram page of Reading through what they stand for and offer for book lovers, I knew I wanted to participate in this program!

What is is an international online platform where you can participate in all kinds of bookish campaigns. is for all bookstagrammers, booktubers, booktokkers and bookbloggers. This is a wide range of platforms, so everyone can be included in this initiative! There’s no minimum amount of followers needed to be able to participate in campaigns. I got selected for a campaign with an amount of approximately 890 Instagram followers and 46 blog followers. I’m really happy that smaller bloggers also get the opportunity to take part in campaigns.

The platform is made for collaborations between brands and the bookcommunity. works as a mediator, but there are no mediater fees! If you own a business, it is also possible to launch a campaign on the website. A price list to launch a campaign can be provided by the mediators on You can sign up as a brand here.

You can join for free and all rewards are paid 100%. Rewards can be a gift card to buy books, a free copy of a book,… It’s lovely that bookinfluencers get the chance to be rewarded for making creative content. Of course, I love writing blog posts for free and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but getting rewards in some way is also a lovely appreciation!

If after reading this you’re interested in joining the platform, you can easily do it here. If you have any questions regarding the platform, you can always ask me and I’ll do my best to answer them!

This is a paid promotion with

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