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It feels good to write a blogpost again. To write a blogpost again and really want to write a blogpost. As you may or may not have noticed I have been rather quiet on here since July. In this blogpost I will talk about it more and tell you what my plans are for the upcoming month.

In June, I had my exams. Meaning, I didn’t really have a lot of time to read (okay, I’m not going to lie, I did read a lot), but I mostly didn’t have time to write a lot of blogposts. The blogposts that have been posted in June were either written in a rush, or written in May already. I loved that I had some blogposts planned already. I love being on my blog and sharing my opinion, but I just didn’t have the time.

After my exams, I took 3 days off and then I started working on my student job. I worked during the whole month of July, when I came home I mostly studied for my retakes and there just wasn’t a lot of time left to read anymore. I wanted to read, I really did. But then I got into the biggest reading slump I’ve ever been in, and I just stopped pressuring myself to read. I would read when I wanted to, and not when I felt like it was expected from me. As you may have seen in my wrap up post for July, I only read 3 books. I was fine with that. I am fine with that.

In August, I finally found my will to read again, I started loving it again and I was really happy. But of course, August was the month of my retakes, so I read quite a lot, but I didn’t have time to write blog posts for it, to make Instagram posts for it,…

So this kind of explains why I’ve been rather quiet on here. I know that nobody expects me to explain why I’ve been silent, but I just wanted to share all of this. Life on bookstagram mostly seems perfect. As if you always want to read, always read happily and so on. But reality is, that some days you just won’t feel like reading, even some months you won’t feel like reading and that’s okay. You do you, nobody expects you to read 20 books a month. We just want you to be happy with the books you read and that’s all.

So, what are my plans for the upcoming month?

The new schoolyear at university starts at the end of September, so I now have a little less than a month free to do what I want. Finally. I’ve been waiting for these +- 3 weeks since forever.

For the upcoming week, I’m planning on writing reviews / blog posts for the books I read in August. I’ve read quite a lot of 5 star books this month, so I’m ready to share my opinions on these books with you!

There are also some exciting things I will be doing with Manon from @bookswithonno on Instagram, so stay tuned for more details! We’re very excited already.

While I’m at it, let me tell you about my book buying ban plan. Together with Alissa and Manon, I’m on a book buying ban. All three of us made a list of books we need to finish before we can buy new ones, and I must say it’s going pretty great. I haven’t bought a single book (for myself) since July 28th (which is almost a month without buying books already!!) and I don’t feel the need to buy books actually. My list of books to read before I buy new ones contains 15 books. I have read 5 books from the list already, so 10 books to go! Let’s kill that TBR.

I think that was that. You’ll hear from me again soon for some reviews and of course my wrap up of August!

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