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Review: Love Online series by Jos Pierce

Let me start out by saying that the Love Online series is most probably one of my favorite series ever.

The Love Online series consists of 6 short ebooks. I came across the first book of this series when I was looking into the ‘free books’ area on the Kobo shop. I read the summary and thought I would give this one a try. And oh man, I’m glad I gave it a try.

The book follows Elle and Jonah, who have to solve a mystery. Who made a fake profile in Jonah’s name and talked to Elle for a very long time, ending up hurting her? The book begins with Jonah meeting Elle in the store she works at. This meeting provoked a lot of emotions from Elle, who was – of course – very confused about the casual meeting she just had with Jonah. Wasn’t he the boy who suddenly ghosted her? From here in, the story takes flight.

All six books read like a train. I flew through each book, and with each one I read, I was more excited to read the next one. Over the books, we see how Elle and Jonah try to figure out who the catfish is, but also how they try to figure themselves out.

At the end of book five, the reader gets to know who the catfish is. And let me tell you, I did not totally expect who it would be. Pierce did a good job in putting the reader on the wrong path. I also think he worked up to the reveal in a good way.

I think the last book of the series is my favorite. Pierce manages to show emotional depth and shows how Elle handles discovering who the catfish is. I think that this book was well needed to end the series in a good way. I absolutely loved it.

Pierce has this amazing writing style which is so easy to read and makes you want to keep on reading hours on end.

The first book in this series can be found for free on Kobo and iBooks. The ebook costs $1,08 on Amazon.

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